Another Favorite: The AR15 Rifle

I love shooting all types of different guns and of the top guns I have ever shot is the AR 15 rifle. This gun is one of the most popular guns in America and it has good reason to because of its many features. They are also fairly cheap when you compare it to other guns of this caliber.

Some of the best upgrades that you can get for this gun is good ar15 barrels which will make shooting more accurate. Another one is a new ar15 buttstock which makes shooting the gun a lot more comfortable and easier to handle. The last upgrade that I love having on my gun is ar15 complete upper receiver. With all of these upgrades you will have one of the best rifles on the market.


Even without these extras on your gun it will still be a very reliable shooter. I just like to have these extras because it makes my gun my own and also improves the shooting performance of the rifle. I would still consider the mosin nagant to be a better gun when it comes to accuracy but the ar15 does hold its own.

If you are in the market for a new gun then I would suggest at least checking out the ar15 because it will be gun that you will instantly fall in love with and love shooting.

One of My Favorite Guns: The Mosin Nagant Rifle

Are you a woodworker? Or someone that likes to build things? Then you should think about making your own mosin nagant modifications. It is pretty easy as long as you have a couple tools. Those tools would be a good vertical band saw, a 10 or 12 sliding compound miter saw and a scroll saw. Check out Wildfire scroll saw reviews for more info.

I love almost every single gun on this planet and I would shoot any gun that is available, but let me tell you something. The mosin nagant rifle is one of my all time favorite guns to shoot and have in my collection. There are a 100 reasons for this but mainly just because of how good of a gun it is 60 years after it was produced.

Mosin Nagant Rifle

This beast of a gun was used all the way back in the first and second world wars and it was a staple in gun fights. Almost all soldiers back then were carrying some model of the mosin nagant and there is a simple answer to why, reliability. The mosin nagant is just stinkin’ reliable. It will always shoot accurately and will never let you down in the heat of the battle.

Another thing that I really like about the gun and another reason why the mosin nagant has stayed so popular throughout the years is how easy it is to upgrade. It couldn’t be easier to throw on a new stock or scope and get this baby looking and shooting sweet! There are also countless other upgrades and aftermarket parts that you can buy for your mosin nagant that will improve your gun.

Some other top Mosin Nagant Accessories would be a butt stock, bipod and muzzle brake. Alll of those are great upgrades for your mosin nagant but in the next paragraph I will explain some even better modifications for your gun.

Let me tell you that there is nothing better than a new best Mosin Nagant Stock on your rifle. The feel that it gives you when you shoot and the comfort is crazy. I would not shoot a mosin nagant without a stock. That is how important I feel that a stock is to a gun.

Another vital upgrade that I try and get after a new stock would be a scope. A good Mosin Nagant Scope is very important if you want your gun to be as accurate as possible. I prefer a PU scope but anyone scope is going to help you shoot more accurate.

Those are just some of the first upgrades I would get for a new mosin nagant rifle and also why I love them so much. I would encourage you to get your own and experience this awesome gun for yourself.